Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crayon Drip Canvas

 So I was on my new favorite website--Pinterest and saw that they had these amazing crayon dripping. I wanted to try this as soon as I saw it.

What I used for materials:
1 white canvas
black sharpie marker (fine & bold tip)
painters tape
different shades of "blue" Craola crayons (about 10-15 crayons)

Now I will walking you through the step by step:

I found an image of a couple embracing under an umbrella. I printed & cut out the image and put some tape on the back so I could stick it to the canvas. I took a fine tip sharpie and traced the image of the couple.

Once the couple was traced I filled it in using a bold tip sharpie black marker. After the ink is dry, cover the image with some painters tape--that way the crayons will not cover the image.

Now the there were 2 different options to melting the crayons. One was by attaching them to the top of the canvas and using a heating tool to melt the crayons. The other one which I used was to use a glue gun. I decided to use a glue gun-- DO NOT USE A GLUE GUN!!!!! The crayon wax is too thin and seeps through the internal "electrical wiring" of the glue gun AND because of the thin consistency of the wax, it dripped out and burned the palm of my hand. Plus I blew the

What you do need to remember is to start at the top of the canvas and have the different shades of blue drip down the canvas. Once you get enough wax dripped--to make it look like rain, put the canvas off to the side and let it dry/cool down. Once the canvas is ready remove the tape and you have something like the image below.